Conny Retreat


Let body  soul and  spirit flourish – new thoughts, new feelings, new energies

This retreat offers a holistic experience for all senses. In beautiful surroundings you get the opportunity to experience your second spring, because that’s what the season is called locally.

We start our time together with an Ecstatic Dance Ceremony, which energetically connects us as a group right from the start, we get to know each other well and can immediately throw blockages and stresses of everyday life overboard.

In the morning we start with a 30 minute, extensive pranayama (breathing exercise) practice. This activates and increases life energy. The autonomic nervous system is calmed and harmonized, which has a beneficial effect on your thoughts and feelings. New space, new thoughts, new feelings as a basis for growth.

This is followed by a 90 minute dynamic yoga practice to wonderfully energize the body, cleanse and rejuvenate the cells and allow life energy to flow in abundance. The yoga classes are specially designed by Conny. The late afternoon is all about regeneration through a 60-minute relaxing yoga practice or meditation.


About Conny: All this is guided by the yoga teacher Conny, who has been teaching successfully for many years, can respond to her students very individually and will help you to transform your yoga practice to the next level. Conny has enjoyed a total of around 1000 hours of further training.

This yoga retreat is suitable for all ages.


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