About Massage and Yoga

How could you make a yoga retreat even more relaxing? With a massage of course!

We offer different kinds of treatments with expert of various disciplines, so that you can choose the option that fits better for you, according to your free time and to your body and mind needs.


Ayurveda is a therapeutic and diagnostic system based on the relationship between body and mind which is rooted in any eastern knowledge. 

Manual treatments are just a small part of this huge healing method. In Abhyanga, powders and oils made up with herbs or spices are sprinkled on head and body, then massaged with different tecniques according to the needs of the receiving. Through this ancient method it is possible to balance the three doshas, that is to say the inner qualities of any individual, thanks to its action of deep detox and relief.



Foot (or plantar) Reflexology is a microstimulation technique applied on the sole of the foot, according the principle that this area contains a reflection of our organs, glands and body parts. Its olistic approach aims to rebalance the whole body in a natural way, leading it to revitalize itself tapping into its own resources. 

Reflexology treatments acts directly on the nerve tissue and are extremely beneficial for many health issues such as postural pains, anxiety, stress and many others.  



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