Shanti Mandir : Temple of Peace

Traveling from the roots of the self to superior vision.

3 days of full immersion in the beautiful setting of Baroque Sicily.

Shanti Mandir means Temple of Peace.
Peace in a place, Peace of the Soul


MAY 26 | Go back to the roots
Experience Grounding through movement, breathing, meditation
The evening:
Satsangh, Chakra cleansing and harmonization techniques, Mantra

MAY 27 | The Way of the Heart
Overcoming the discursive mind:
What is heart-brain coherence; breathing techniques
and mantras to expand the energy field.
In the evening: Satsangh, Mantra
and meditation

MAY 28 | The superior vision
Brain relaxation techniques
The bindu as a crossing point between different territories of consciousness
Vocal harmonics
Saturday and Sunday morning
upon awakening yoga and meditation session

The seminar is open to all those who wish to allow themselves time for reflection, listening and inner work.

Biographical hints

Maytilli Devi was born in Italy, where she began the practice of Yoga with Yogiraj Aruna Nath Giri, deepening her study years later in India with Yogashiromani Swami Gitananda Giri.
Since 1989 she is a member of Vishwa Yoga Samaj with the title of Yogacharini, internationally recognized by ICYER, India.
She currently resides in Argentina.
Among the tools that she makes available, her experience on Yoga and Meditation, courses on Pranic Breathing and Chakras, Sound Therapy, the “Lo Spazio della Voce” method, astrological counseling and flower therapy.

She is also a singer, songwriter and performer. You have published two CDs: “Muchos cielos, una tierra” (2014) and “Cantos del Alma” (2018), present on the major platforms.


Organizer info

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