Sun&Moon – Yoga& Meditation Retreat


Come on retreat with me to explore more styles of yoga and understand the value of a yang and yin practice, how and when to use one and the other. Give yourself time to slow down and reclaim your most intimate dimension. Whether you are an expert practitioner or a beginner, this retreat will make you rediscover yoga and meditation, giving you new stimuli and food for thought about yourself and your practice.


Eastern philosophies identify two energies in each of us: the masculine and the feminine.

In Hindu philosophy represented respectively by the Sun and the Moon, in Taoist philosophy by Yang and Yin.

Most of us spend our lives dominated by one of two energies.

All spiritual practices are aimed at restoring balance and harmony between these two energies.

During the retreat we will have the opportunity to explore both through yoga practices, meditation and sharing circles to understand the importance of both and above all when to draw on one and when on the other for a more harmonious life.

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